Pyaz Kachori in Udaipur : Street Food

pyaz ki kachori in udaipurWhen Udaipur people talk about snacks -The first thing that click in my mind is "Pyaz ki Kachori" a delicious mouth watering, spicy, hot snack which is more and more popular amongst everyone.

Rich dry fruit, Spices and Potato, stuffed crisp deep fried kachoris are served with chatnies and tomato ketchup. These kachoris are a welcome treat at any time of the day. These Yummy Kachories can be taken in brunch, or as a evening snacks and this will give you a complete taste of Mewari Culture.

The next question comes in your mind is:

Where do i find Best Pyaz ki Kachori in Udaipur?

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Chocolate Room

Description: This unique cafĂ© serves mouth-watering desserts and drinks, with a diverse menu, you’ll have yourself wondering what to chose from! From unique milkshakes to melt in your mouth bites of heavenly cookies and brownies, Home Bakery is loved by all and is a must try!
Location: Madhuban, Udaipur